Competition time!

Have you ever wanted to be an architect or an interior designer? Are you full of ice cold ideas, freezing cool visions or snowy plans waiting for implementation? Now it’s time to let your ideas fly and plan a snow suite for SnowVillage.


A snow suite is a round shaped igloo made entirely of snow. The diameter is 6 m and height 4,5 m, no windows in the room and an arch formed doorway leading to the room. The room will have a double bed (160 cm wide) with ice frames surrounding it. The design idea should use most of the wall space with the highlight feature(s) on the wall behind the bed. The decorations in the room can be carved on the walls and on the ice frames surrounding the bed. The suite design can have additional free standing ice sculptures if desired, and all designs should be possible to be carved by hand by our expert snow and ice sculptors. You can also make notes about lights in the room, what colors to be used in lighting for example. You can write a story, description, history where the design is based on and also draw a picture of the room or some elements that your plan includes.  For more inspiration, have a look at pictures on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

Please email your design to as soon as possible, latest at 31st of March 2017.  The winning design will be built to the 2017-2018 Snow Village! The winner will get to spend an unforgettable night in your own suite as well as enjoy dinner in the spectacular Ice Restaurant.

Good luck for the competition – may the coolest design win!

Submit your design!

Submit your design!